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A growing trend when it comes to engine oil is that many fleets are employing extended oil drain intervals for their trucks. This can be a time- and cost-saving practice, but only if your trucks are in an applica­tion that supports extended oil drain intervals. If it does end up being a smart move to go with extended oil drain intervals, know that your filtra­tion system can handle it.
“Oil filters are the primary filter type that can deliver extended filter replacement intervals,” says Layne Gobrogge, director of heavy-duty marketing for Luber-finer. “Tech­nological advances in filter media, specifically moving from conventional to synthetic materials, have increased the efficiency and capacity of oil filters considerably. By providing 99% efficiency and one-and-a-half times the filtering capacity of the leading cellulose filters, extended life oil fil­ters made with 100% synthetic media can provide engine protection over a longer time period.
“The structure of modern filters has also improved to coincide with extended change intervals,” Gobrogge continues. “Elements such as heavy-duty seamless steel shells that provide unequaled burst and pulse-fatigue strength, extra-strength spiral cores that resist high-pressure surges, and durable vibration-resis­tant gaskets that provide a positive seal all contribute to a filter’s ability to deliver engine protection for a longer period of time.”
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Engine components

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