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COLUMBIA, S.C. – May 17, 2021 – PurePower Technologies (PPT), a leader in diesel fuel injector, EGR valve and turbocharger original equipment manufacturing and remanufacturing, has partnered with ShowMeThePartsOpticat, and Diesel Parts powered by Diesel Laptops to share product data with their consumer-friendly lookup platforms. Product lookup data also is available through popular distributor parts reference partners EpicorPartsTech, and Autocat by MaMSoftware. The new data sharing partnerships enhance customer experience by making it easy to find the correct parts quickly, improve inventory management, and reduce incorrect fitment returns.


“We are excited to provide our customers with enhanced product data access,” said PurePower Technologies Director of Sales and Business Development Stephen Gow. “Our customers will now be able to more easily identify the part that they need for their application. We will continue to expand our data capabilities to make ordering process seamless.”


A list of parts lookup services on the new data platforms can be accessed at www.purepowertechnologies.com/part-lookup.

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PurePower Technologies is an independent supplier of diesel fuel injection systems to OEMs and the aftermarket. We don’t just assemble parts. We solve complex thermal, mechanical and hydraulic challenges using robust experimental data and over 100 combined years of experience in materials engineering.