New offerings to include remanufactured turbos for all makes


BLYTHEWOOD, S.C. – Oct. 31, 2016 – PurePower Technologies® (PPT), a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of new and remanufactured fuel injectors and turbochargers for OEMs and the aftermarket, today announced it has expanded production of its turbocharger product offerings to include turbochargers for light-, medium- and heavy-duty truck engines.


Offering assembly, remanufacturing and test lines for high-volume OEM-quality turbochargers, PurePower Technologies uses a modular approach for an assortment of all makes, sizes and model engines including wastegate and variable geometry turbochargers.


“Over the last seven years serving as an in-house supplier to Navistar, we’ve invested more than $10 million in our turbocharger production capabilities,” said Jerry Sweetland, president and CEO, PurePower Technologies.  “Now that we are an independent company, we will continue to invest in the latest turbo technologies to ensure that we offer only the highest quality turbochargers for remanufactured and OEM applications.”


PPT’s hot gas test and heavy-duty engine dynamometer cells provide real-world validation of the turbocharger to the original design intent. Additionally, with its 100 percent end-of-line cold functional test process, every single turbo can be correlated back to the compressor map. NVH analysis will identify any hidden defects, which can affect long-term reliability of the turbo. PPT provides only the highest OEM-level of engineering quality certified to TS 16949.


About PurePower Technologies:


PurePower Technologies is the leader in engineering and manufacturing of new and remanufactured diesel fuel injectors and turbochargers for OEMs and the aftermarket.  Headquartered in Blythewood, South Carolina, the company is the authority for engineering and manufacturing of all precision fuel, air management and after-treatment systems for light-, medium- and heavy-duty truck vehicles. Our complete portfolio of design, engineering, manufacturing and remanufacturing capabilities allows us to achieve levels of quality and precision that outpace the industry; to bring products to market faster and more efficiently; and to minimize vehicle downtime while maximizing productivity and performance. For more information, visit


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PurePower Technologies is an independent supplier of diesel fuel injection systems to OEMs and the aftermarket. We don’t just assemble parts. We solve complex thermal, mechanical and hydraulic challenges using robust experimental data and over 100 combined years of experience in materials engineering.