Diesel Fuel Injector Distribution Deal
PurePower Technologies, Inc., Columbia, S.C. and Alliant Power, a division of Diesel Forward, Inc., have entered into a joint Distribution Deal in which Alliant Power will distribute PurePower’s new and remanufactured diesel fuel injectors.
In an exclusive arrangement to service the Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS) market, PurePower will supply its full line of diesel fuel injectors to Alliant Power for distribution throughout its network of authorized independent aftermarket customers. It is expected that PurePower will expand this agreement with Alliant Power to also supply turbochargers, air management and exhaust gas after-treatment systems in the future.
Operating as an independent company since January 2016, PurePower, which grew out of a Siemens-Navistar joint venture, has been producing new and remanufactured diesel fuel injectors, turbochargers, and air management systems.
For more information on PurePower: purepowertech.com.
For more information on Alliant Power: alliantpower.com.
“We are excited to enter into an agreement which allows both PurePower and Alliant Power to leverage each other’s strengths in an effort to provide the highest quality products to our customers. With our extensive distribution network and capabilities, combined with the opportunity to capitalize on PurePower’s current portfolio of products, we will create a strong market position that drives value not only to PurePower and Alliant Power but most importantly to our customers,” said Bob Breunig, president of Diesel Forward, Inc.
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